Cycling Equipment


Choosing the right bike can be a tricky job when there is so such a range of options. Guernsey has a host of different models available ranging from entry level mountain bikes to top of the line racing machines. Between Ian Brown's and Adventure Cycles Guernsey can cater for all your needs and more.


Owning a stylish bike is awesome, but without the tools to personalize and improve your cycling, you cannot hope to reach your full potential. There exists a huge range of bike accessories available and choosing the right kit for you is no simple task. There are some must owns for any keen road or mountain cyclists however:

  • Metal wire bike lock
  • Bottle holder
  • Garmin bike computer
  • 400+ lumen front light
  • 200+ lumen rear light
  • Bike Helmet

These 6 items will make your riding safer and more luxurious, and they can all be bought locally. If you're a serious rider download the Garmin connect app or Strava and track all of your competitive data in order to improve fitness, compare stats, and build your local cycling network.

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